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Lemme Addams Pastie Making Class on Skype


JANUARY 16, 2016 at 2PM Central time. Online SKYPE pasties making class!

Yes, you too can make pasties all by yourself and I will teach you how! The class size is limited (by SKYPE) to only 25 people. Anyone can join in even if it is just to watch and listen.

I have been handcrafting pasties professionally for myself and my friends for five years and have perfected a technique I can easily teach to you.

The cost: $15 per person. (That means if you have friends watching with you that is $15 per student in the room but you all count as one on the SKYPE connection.) Yes, you may record it and work on it at your own pace at a later time. You can make pasties.

The materials you need to assemble before the class:
Craft Foam
Scissors- regular (and curved if you have those)
Hot Glue Gun
Cloth- cotton non-stretch fabric of your choice
Mod Podge
Gem Tac
Orange stick
Ortho Wax
Craft Paint Brush
Craft Glue (ALEENE’S is what I will be using)
12″ of craft wire
Metal embroidery needle with large eye
8 inches of fringe, your choice on length
Needle nose pliers or beading pliers
Something to draw a circle a little larger than the “coverage” area

I have blocked off 3 hours of the day to dedicate to you and your success.

To reserve your spot, payment must be in advance of this class.

Any payments received after the first 25 SKYPE connections will be refunded. NO OTHER REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Once payment is received, your place in the class is held for you and there will be no refunds if you do not attend. Please let me know how many people will be in the room with you so I can group you together!


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