Whiskey Tongue Burlesque: 5th Anniversary!


The Little Burlesque Troupe That Could! Join us at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX! January 9TH, 2016 @ 10PM. $7. VIP Tables Available.

Hop aboard the boobie train! Join us as we celebrate Whiskey Tongue’s 5th anniversary show on January 9th, 2016 at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX!

VIP Tables available  HERE

Featuring the lovely cabooses of Velvet Mystique, Ginger Rockafella , Ruby Manhattan, Chordella Smash, Kitty Layne, Gitsie St. James, Clint Liquor, Bethalicious, Tristan Von, and Lemme Addams.